Expertise In

General Construction

Tahtan is geared up to carry out the construction activities in the fields of:

  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Infrastructure

Tahtan has in-depth experience of working in Oil & Gas, Power, Nuclear, Chemical, Fertilizer, Process and Cement sectors.
Tahtan’s experience covers the following:

  • Earthworks
  • Foundation, Trenches and Sump Pits
  • Concreting Works
  • Reinforcement Steel Works
  • Waterproofing and Treatments
  • SOG, Suspended Slabs, Beams and Columns
  • Coatings, Protections and Paints
  • Brick, Block and Refractory Bricks Lining Works
  • Tiling and Stone Works
  • Wood Works
  • MEP Works
  • Water Supply Works
  • Drainage and Sewerage Works


Slip Form Construction

Slipforming is a particularly useful method of construction for tall RCC structures because of its high efficiency both in time and cost, in comparison to the conventional construction practices.Tahtan specializes in all phases of slipform / climb-form works. This covers the design, supply and operations of slipform / climb-form systems.

Some of the structures which are well suited to this type of construction technique include:

  • Silos
  • Stacks / Industrial Chimneys
  • Prilling / Cooling Towers
  • Core of High Rise Buildings
  • Containment Structures for Nuclear Plants
  • Elevator and Service Shafts
  • Bridge Piers and Pylons
  • Shafts for Tunnels and Mining, Wind Turbines etc.
  • Caissons, Bins etc.
  • Observations, Guidance, Communication Towers etc.
  • World’s Tallest Prilling Tower (at the time) – 137m
  • Largest Dia. (Using single integrated system) Structure Slipformed – 60m
  • First Post Tensioned Slipformed Silos in Pakistan – upto 92m Height & 23m Dia.
  • Rectangular Structure for Nuclear Power House – 36m x 32m
  • Tapered Chimneys / Stacks – Dia. Varying b/w 1,250mm to 450mm & Height upto 125m
  • Calcination Silos, TAKREER, UAE – 30m Dia. & 55m Height
  • Green Coke Storage Silos, TAKREER, UAE – Slipform start level +28m
Steel Structure

Tahtan’s experience in steel structures fabrication and erection includes both quantitative as well as high level of qualitative and complex deliverables complying with stringent QHSE requirements.

  • Completed over 25,000 Tons of Steel Structure Erection which includes Pipe Supports, Equipment Supports, Machine Foundations, Roofing and Decking Systems.
  • Planned, designed and executed erection of 485 Tons of single composite structure, assembled on ground. The final elevation of placement was 114m.
  • Erection / Fixing of intricate steel structures upto 137m elevation.
  • Proficiency and experience in various rigging and lifting equipments like derricks, winches, heavy cranes etc.
Piping & Support

Tahtan is well experienced in the fabrication and erection of small to large bore pipes of all mediums and grades along with their supports and including all service fittings, valves, flanges etc. Working experience includes live plant and brown field environment in addition to the standard green field work.

  • Completed over 450,000DI Piping Fabrication and Erection.
  • Experience of working with Large Diameter Pipes, upto 50 inches and above.
  • Experience of working at heights, upto 140 meters.
  • Job specific design of moving platforms & derricks / winches to facilitate fixing of pipe and supports at intricate locations and higher elevations.
  • Experience in working with all materials and Pneumatic piping for all mediums including Solid, Liquid, Gas, Steam, Air etc.
Equipment Installation

Tahtan has in-depth experience of equipment installation / erection such as Vessels, Pumps, Heat Exchangers, Boilers, and Transformers etc.

Tahtan is well equipped with necessary skills for lifting, placement and fixing of equipment with supports (both welding and bolting).

Coating & Painting

Tahtan possess experience of various type of applications including protective epoxies and coating systems, blasting and priming of structures, waterproofing membranes / paints and industrial tiling.

  • Over 139,000 m2 area painted / coated.
  • Over 130,000 m2 epoxy coatings applied on structural steel and concrete surfaces.
  • Industrial tilling applied 20,000 m2.
  • Over 139,000 m2 area painted / coated.
  • Insulation and Waterproofing on sub and super structure 38,000 m2.
Commercial Buildings / Structures

Tahtan has sufficient experience in this sector as well. We have proficiency in construction of concrete and composite frame structures including block and plaster work, painting, flooring (tiles and stone fixing), facade construction and landscaping etc.

Tahtan’s experience includes:
  • RCC Frame Structures.
  • Building Cores.
  • Lift wells.
  • Architectural facade and Interior finishes of Buildings.